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 Gyaru Definitions

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Gyaru Definitions Kogal_1156084638

Kogyaru (高校生 kōkōsei)

A girl who chooses to hinder her skin tone and hair color to go against standards set by her school to dictate what she wears or doesn't wear, kogal are set apart from others because of their need to stay "Kawaii" (Cute) ?and one step ahead of fashion trends. Kogals are known for wearing Cute School Uniforms or changing there current school Uniform to look different. Kogals can be any age., They are not big on makeup but they do have hair coloring (usually blonde or brown), artificial suntans [tanning not required], and designer accessories. If in school uniform, the look typically includes skirts pinned very high and loose socks (large baggy socks that go up to the knee). Kogals' busy social lives and desire for new material goods lead them to be among the first consumers of Japanese mobile phone technology, and their taste in clothes tends toward Burberry scarves and Louis Vuitton handbags. Kogals spend much of their free time (and their parents' income) lol. shopping. During the summer, kogals may sometimes be seen at the beach or in puricute booths.

Gyaru Definitions N236_big

Defenition: Princess Gal

This is a princess version of Oneegal basically.
A lot of himegal have that puffy beehive-style hair, but it's not a requirement, any girly style is fine as long as it looks very fancy.
Clothes include long, cocktail dresses or short dresses in mainly red, white, pink, blue and black, as well as leopard and floral print. Empire line tops and dresses are very popular and so are denim jackets, in summer.

Variation: Himekaji-Casual Hime:
More like Onegal, includes things like silk camisoles, mini skirts and shorts, blouses, etc. People in casual hime often have their hair down and curled. Really the only time it's acceptable for himegal to have straight hair is if your hair is short or it's partially up.

Gyaru Definitions GYARU


General style, which doesn't require a tan, although most gals have one.
Fashions can be worn by both Ganguro (tanned Gals) or Ganjiro (untanned Gals).
Has many sub-categories, here are some of the most common ones:

Amekaji-American Casual = American brand casual wear, includes Uggs!
Saike Gyaru-Psyche Gal = Club wear and tie dye, tribal prints etc.
Roma Gyaru-Romantic Gal = Gal that wears frilly, cute clothes etc.
Bohemian = Bohemian print dresses, fake fur waistcoat, etc.
Miritari-Military = 'One Point' eg 1 item of camo or military style
Rokku-Rock = Rock style tee, stripes, plaid, skull prints, denim etc.
Rizouto-Resort = General, gypsy skirts, shorts, tees etc. summer clothes.
Marin-Marine = Blue/Red/White stripes, anchors etc, marine stuff!

Haady Gal is purely a creation of Egg and so it barely deserves notation here, but since people talk about it so much:
Includes brands such as JSG and Galaxxy, tied in with rock/punk style Gal fashion. Very bright, often multi-coloured clothes and crazy patterns.

Gyaru Definitions ONEEGAL


Definition: 'Older Sister Gal'

A classier style, very similar to regular gyaru-kei in fashion, but including only sexy or very stylish clothes, so for example you would wear a camisole instead of a tshirt, and heels are really the only footwear.
There is a HUGE emphasis on designers brands, this is really the main point of Oneegal. Brands are very, very important as well as social status, which go hand in hand really. Don't do this unless you have plenty of money!

Gyaru Definitions Q6640615-4

ギャル男・ GYARU-OH

Definiton: Male counterpart of Gyaru

Hair is often in a mullet style, ranging from light brown to silver to pink!
Usual clothes are clubwear, sweats with tank tops or a stylish jeans + tank top + open shirt combo. They don't wear makeup but are usually well tanned, although a tan isn't a requirement.

Gyaru Definitions 5xe2juu2


Definiton: Celebrity Gal, gal who follows western celeb fashion.

This is classed as a type of Oneegal, but can include casual wear. Serebu is a gal that closely follows western celebrity fashion trends. Hiromi Endo is a good example of serebu, because she takes influence from Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton's styles. Serebu can include specific trend items as Uggs, Junk Food tees, 'IT' bags such as Anya Hindmarch's Eco Bag, as well as western brands such as CC Skye, Dereon, Rocawear and Ed Hardy. However it can be difficult to seperate serebu from regular oneegal, as many gals simply copy the general style of a celebrity, not the brands they are wearing. There are sometimes obvious differences, such as in the case of Hiromi Endo, who dyed her hair black to look like Lindsey Lohan, even though this is not usually a hair colour a gal would choose. In any case, it is advisable to know American and British trends just as well as you know Japanese trends, so that you will be able to tell when a gal is dressed in serebu style, or to be able to dress in this style yourself.

Gyaru Definitions ONII-KEI


Definiton: Literally 'Older Brother Style'

This is actually a style for women or men, so you can guess it's quite generally. On a man, it tends to mean a classier version of Gyaru-oh, leaving behind the brightly coloured hair and clothes of their youth (lol) in exchange for plenty of designer brands like D&G, dressing mostly in jeans with tank tops and shirts, of course with some very stylish, smart shoes or boots. Most Onii-kei guys tend to have sunglasses permanently attached to their face if they're not in a club. Obviously cool factor is very, very important to them.
On a girl, Onii-Kei basically means something plaid (a shirt or shorts), or a tribal print t-shirt worn with jeans/shorts. Really just a mannish Gyaru style, although some have been known to follow onii-kei exactly as men do.

Gyaru Definitions MANBA

マンバ・ MANBA (NEW)

Definition: A shortened name for the original 90's style of Yamanba. Has undergone yet another change since 2004.

Manba has evolved since 2004, when it featured a lot of hawaiian prints, leis, face stickers and pastel-coloured hair. The style now has much thicker white makeup, brighter and more varied coloured eyeshadow, light to extreme panda makeup, coloured eyelashes and diamantes around the eyes. Clothing ranges from neon clubwear to sweat suits, but no longer includes the hawaiian accessories or huge amounts of stickers under the eyes. Hair tends to be bright, flourescent colours or blonde and is cut in a mullet style or braided.

Gyaru Definitions BANBA

バ゛ンバ・ BANBA

Definition: Barbie Style (Manba)

This could be seen as a lighter version of manba, but is really a style in it's own. Makeup is considerably lighter than manba and does not include face stickers or very heavy block white makeup. Hair tends to be either natural or neon colours, often with a side-swept fringe (bangs) and curls or braids.
Clothing originally started out as literally bright, 'Barbie Style' clothes, like a bright pencil skirt, platform sandals and a bright shirt. Banba then moved on to general club wear and were often seen in popular Psyche brand Shanit Core during it's boom last year. One variety of banba includes Bosozoku (Biker) Banba, featured in the top right corner of the above picture.

Gyaru Definitions 4y4xb1u2


Definition: Lighter version of Banba

This is very similar to banba, the main difference being that tsuyome has lighter makeup than banba.
The term 'tsuyome' can be applied to many things, but in this context tends to mean a lighter version of banba.
There are no set rules to this style, it's very general and it can be difficult to tell whether someone is tsuyome or banba. However, tsuyome will always have light pink lip colour at the most, never the block white that some banba wear.

Gyaru Definitions SENTAA

センター・ SENTAA

Definiton: Male version of Manba

Named after 'Sentaa Gai' (center street in shibuya), their style varies a lot as they don't seem to be as influenced by trends as manba and banba.
Makeup can still include the white 'whiskers' that manba used to draw on their face, but clothes are similar to manba in that it is mainly brightly coloured clubwear, some do still wear hawaiian prints and leis (possibly for novelty value, but this is not done with manba). Hair is often spiked up with a side-swept fringe and in blonde, silver or bright colours.
One way to spot tsuyome style is to look at what the person is wearing. Tsuyome should include a little 'wild' clothing/accessories, such as a ripped tee, leather fingerless gloves, headband/wrap, skull belt buckle, graffiti print, etc. There is usually some hint of hip hop, rock and/or biker to tsuyome. Although tsuyome is an incredibly vague term, so gals can really interpret it in a lot of ways, there is a general feeling of a strong/fierce gal image.

Gyaru Definitions B-KEI

B系・ B-Kei

Definition: Literally B as in breakdance (b-boy, b-girl in the west etc).

Also features reggae style clothes and clubwear, can be pale or tanned. Dancehall is popular with B Gals.
Hair is often braided and side ponytails are very popular. Ra-ra skirts, tube tops and sports wear are commonly worn, as well as any other hip-hop style clothes.
In Shibuya, it is said that B-kei hang out in a different area to gyaru and they don't mix, so there is obviously a difference between hardcore B-kei and gals that sometimes wear hip hop fashion.

Gyaru Definitions Ganguro

Ganguro (ガングロ)

Is an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000, but remains evident today. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the centre of ganguro fashion.

Gyaru Definitions Yamanba

Yamanba (ヤマンバ )

Is the term often used to describe extreme practitioners of ganguro fashion. Old school Yamanba and Manba; (particularly known as 2004 Manba); featured dark tans and white lipstick, pastel eye make-up, tiny metallic or glittery adhesives below the eyes, brightly-coloured contact lenses, plastic dayglo-coloured clothing, and incongruous accessories, such as Hawaiian Leis (often the Alba Rosa brand). Stickers on the face died out shortly after 2004, and for a while, Manba died. Yamanba is now more extreme, and hair is often multicoloured, and usually synthetic. 2008's Manba has seen a darker tan, and no facial decoration (stickers). Hair is usually neon/bright colours, with pink being a favourite. Wool("dreadlocks"), extensions and clips are worn to make hair appear longer. Clothing remains the same, although Leis are worn less frequently now. Manba and Yamanba are not to be confused. Yamanba has white make-up only above the eye, while Manba has makeup below the eye also. Stuffed animals, bracelets, bells and hibiscuses are worn. The male equivalent is called a "center guy" (センター街 ,Sentāgai?, Center Street), a pun on the name of a pedestrian shopping street near Shibuya Station in Tokyo where yamanba and center guys are often seen.

Gyaru Definitions Pbucket

A girl who chooses to follow the look of Namie Amuro...who is rumored to have started the kogal fashion trend with her tan skin and light brown hair and pre-disposition to wear tiny skirts and high boots.

Gyaru Definitions Punk1

Jrock Punk Gyaru

From Girl Jrock Gyaru to Hardcore Jrock Gyaru. This style doesnt require Tanning, but it does require black, blonde or light brown hair. These type of gyaru girls try to remain feminie but still sporting there love for the jrock appearance. Simple eyemakeup, and hair. There close are always in Jrock or Visual Kei, or even American rock style.

Gyaru Definitions 1Buriteri7


Like ganguro except darker tan literally means 'black face' this was one of the earliest gyaru styles in which Buriteri leade the way. They were treated badly by the public at large who thought they were rude, smelly and unclean. Butriteri finally did one last photoshoot (as pictured) and hung up her gongoro ways for ever. She is rumoured now to have snow white skin and is working in Shibuya.

Lesser known Styles:
# Mago gyaruo a middle school gal. (中学校 chūgakkō).
# Oyajigyaru (オヤジギャル): from oyaji and gyaru. A gyaru who behaves in a masculine way, who drinks beer and uses rough language.
# Ogyaru (汚ギャル): a dirty or disheveled gyaru who may forsake daily baths or takes little care in her behaviour and dress, even by gyaru standards.
# Bibinba (ビビンバ): this look usually includes a lot of gold and jewellery. Similar to b-gal.
# Kyoba bo-i: the male banba. The make-up is similar to Sentaa-gai's, but the eyes can be made up to look bigger. They accessorize excessively and commonly don bangs.


Gyaru Definitions Siggycopy
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Gyaru Definitions
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