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 hi! Emiko Rei is here... :)

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Emiko Rei
Emiko Rei

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Join date : 2010-03-07
Age : 23
Location : Bury , Manchester

hi! Emiko Rei is here... :) Empty
PostSubject: hi! Emiko Rei is here... :)   hi! Emiko Rei is here... :) EmptySun Mar 07, 2010 1:23 pm

Name(can be your gal name or your normal name): Rei , but sometimes people call me Emiko Rei ^v^
Gender: Female
Age: i'm only 13 years old Cool (am i the youngest one here? o.O )
Location: Bury , Manchester

Do you wear Gyaru Fashions or are you just interested in it?: I wear it on Weekends since my school really strict :I
Your Gal Style?: magogyaru
3 Random facts: -erm, i love doing my hair since i've been blessed to have straight hair.
-i have an addiction to chocolate :d and i can't stop it >.<
-i like to befriend with everyone, even weirdest person on earth.. @o@
so lets be friend!
How did you hear about us?: by googling gal-cirs in Manchester
When did you discover Gyaru?:when i was 12.. <3
Why did you decide to join this Gal-cir?: to meet peoples who have same interest on Japanese fashion.. Smile
What will you bring to the Cir?: i dont reallly know.. but i'm a good listener. Smile
Anything else you'd like to share?: erm.. i like to draw.

Post a picture of yourself (Can be normal or gyaru):

hi! Emiko Rei is here... :) P18-0210
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hi! Emiko Rei is here... :)
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