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A Nago-Cir for Gals in the North of the UK based in Manchester
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 Nice to meet you all. ^_^

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Nice to meet you all. ^_^ Empty
PostSubject: Nice to meet you all. ^_^   Nice to meet you all. ^_^ EmptyFri Jul 11, 2008 7:26 pm

Name(can be your gal name or your normal name): Kotoko
Gander: Female
Age: 19
Location: Manchester UK

Do you wear Gyaru Fashions or are you just interested in it?: Both
Your Gal Style?: Ganjiro
3 Random facts: I make fake dreads and other hair extentions, I love to cook and I love Super Paper Mario.
When did you discover Gyaru?: Ermm about a year ago but only properly got into it about 6 months ago.
Why did you decide to join this Gal-cir?: I'm it's creator
Anything else you'd like to share?: I have a cat who I love.

Post a picture of yourself (Can be normal or gyaru):
Nice to meet you all. ^_^ Img_2232

Nice to meet you all. ^_^ Candymanchine1Nice to meet you all. ^_^ ThthlipglossNice to meet you all. ^_^ Candymanchine1
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Nice to meet you all. ^_^
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