Red Neko Gals
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Red Neko Gals

A Nago-Cir for Gals in the North of the UK based in Manchester
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 Rules of Red Neko Gals Circle

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Rules of Red Neko Gals Circle Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Red Neko Gals Circle   Rules of Red Neko Gals Circle EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 1:53 pm

After March's meeting everyone present decided on the rules of the cir that will come in to effect for all members of Red Neko Gals Nago-cir on Spetember 1st.

Red Neko Gals Rules

1. If you will have an absence for over three days you must give us warning prior to this
2. The cir comes before your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife (exception for birthdays and annual anniversary)
3. Never act in a way that would endanger the cirís reputation
4. Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere in the world.
5. If you miss 3 meetings in a row you will no longer be a priority of the cir
6. Never write like a n00b or weaboo eg. OMFG!!!! Sugoi~! ANIME IZ DA SHIZ! hey ppl u iz well sexi
7. You must not smoke around other members as they have chosen not to smoke
8. You must Be charismatic
9. You must work hard at parapara routines that the cir are currently learning and perfecting.
10. You must be able to hold your own against anyone
11. Always be polite
12. Always respect your elders
13. You must wear gal style when out in public (exception for strict schools and work).
14. You must never be confused for the emo/ goth/ scene kid/ punk scene
15. You must always smell sweet
16. You must be tanned (money permitting)
17. You must never resemble an oompa loompa
18. You must keep eyebrows styled
19. You must have smooth legs
20. You must have no visible facial hair
21. Nails must be at least kept clean
22. Hair must be kept in peak condition (clean)

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Rules of Red Neko Gals Circle
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